Complaints Procedure

The Firm's Complaints Policy:

As a firm we are committed to providing a quality legal service to all our clients.

Consequently, it is essential when something goes wrong or a client believes they have a reason to complain that we have an effective procedure to assist the complete and early resolution of the problem.

The Procedure:

Although not essential, in making your complaint it would be helpful to us if you could provide details of your concerns in writing (if you have not already done so).

What Will Happen? Timescale
1. We will acknowledge receipt of your complant, Within 3 working days
2. We will set out our understanding and request any clarification Within 5 further working days
3. We will register your complaint on our central register On day of receipt
4. We will acknowledge receipt of any clarification requested Within 3 working days of receipt
5. We will then complete a full investigation of your complaint Within 5 working days of receiving the above
6. We will then provide a detailed response either in writing or
by inviting you to a meeting
Within 5 working days of investigation

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the above procedures, we will write you confirming our final position and explaining why we think our decision is reasonable. We will also provide you with the address for the Legal Ombudsman, to whom you may refer your complaint if you so wish.