Residential Conveyancing: Price and Service Information

Our usual fees for residential conveyancing transactions where the title is registered at HM Land Registry are as follows:

Where the full price is up to £500,000:

  • Freehold £900
  • Leasehold £1,150
  • Mortgage work on purchase add £200
  • Mortgage work on redemption (per charge redeemed) add £75

VAT is payable in addition at the appropriate rate on the above amount (currently 20%).

We make a charge of £36 VAT inclusive if a CHAPS transfer of funds has to be made e.g. to complete a purchase or discharge of mortgage.

These fees are for our work and do not include disbursements which will typically include search fees, land registration fees and in appropriate cases Stamp Duty Land Tax. Search fees may vary but are typically in the range of £250 to £300. Land registration fees (assuming we can register through the government's business gateway) are based on scales for example £135 between £200,001 to £500,000. Stamp Duty Land Tax depends on the transaction and also personal factors so it is not possible to give any indication but we will calculate the SDLT on enquiry once we have the appropriate information.

It is our practice to provide a detailed estimate in each case.

There are commonly additional expenses in connection with leasehold transactions, for example management information packs may need to be purchased from managing agents on sales, and notice fees paid by the incoming lessee.

We reserve the right to make an appropriate charge in abortive transactions unless otherwise agreed.

Service information

The above fees will cover the usual work in a normal conveyancing transaction including the following:

  1. Taking instructions from you, providing an estimate.
  2. In the case of a sale we would obtain title information from the Land Registry, prepare and issue a draft contract, prepare on your instructions property information forms and send them to the buyers solicitors and deal with additional enquiries. We will exchange contracts on your behalf on a completion date agreed with you and arrange for completion of the transaction, payment of the agents fees and account to you. We will if necessary obtain a mortgage redemption statement and discharge the mortgage on your behalf.
  3. In a purchase case we will receive and consider the paperwork submitted by the sellers solicitors, if appropriate receive and consider mortgage instructions, prepare the mortgage deed and the Stamp Duty Land Tax Return. We will conduct the usual searches of the local and water authority and a screening environmental search. We will report to you on these matters. Subject to your satisfaction we will exchange contracts on your behalf with a set completion date, prepare the necessary completion papers and complete drawing down funds from you and the mortgage lender as appropriate. We will deal with all relevant post-completion matters including leasehold matters, Stamp Duty Land Tax Return and land registration and report to you.
  4. Timescales for these matters may vary depending on the circumstances and if there is a conveyancing chain a chain proceeds at the pace of its slowest member. The average transaction from start to finish typically takes about three months but it can vary significantly from this in particular cases.
  5. Matters are conducted by and under the supervision of the Principal Solicitor, Richard Ablitt, with the assistance of his staff.