We can help you in the following areas:

  1. Conveyancing - the legal side of buying and selling a property
  2. Mortgage work
  3. Lease extensions (of individual flats), and the collective purchase by flat-owners of their freehold (known as "enfranchisement") and exercise of the Right to Manage
  4. Residential leases
  5. Property advice

1 - Conveyancing

We realise the process of buying or selling a house is complex and can be stressful. You can instruct us with confidence knowing that your affairs will be dealt with by an experienced solicitor "hands on" from start to finish. We keep in close contact with you. When required we will also act fast. We will also report to you fully on the details of the property and deal with all your points of enquiry.

2 - Mortgage Work

We are on the panels of nearly all major mortgage lenders and will deal with all legal aspects of your mortgage accordingly.

3 - Lease Extensions, Enfranchisement, Right to Manage

Flats and maisonettes are commonly owned under long leases. Such a lease is a wasting asset, a fact which landlords may seek to exploit.

Fortunately, there are statutory provisions which enable individual flats owners to extend their leases by a further 90 years, or for a majority of flat-owners to compel the landlord to sell them the freehold ("enfranchisement"). There is also legislation enabling a majority of leaseholders to take over the management of a block of flats by establishing a "right to manage" company.

Through our experience and knowledge of this specialist field of law, we have enabled many clients to take advantage of their rights.

4 - Residential Leases

The private rented sector has grown in recent years, and we assist landlords and tenants in relation to all matters that can arise, such as:

  • Preparation of lease agreements
  • Obtaining consents
  • Service of Notices
  • Possession proceedings
  • General Advice

5 - Property Advice

Ownership of property generally involves many rights and obligations. Examples are issues concerning rights of way, boundaries and fences, the use to which a property may be put, planning issues.

We have dealt with most of them! If you have a problem, contact us. We can almost certainly help.

Did you Know?

Individual rights to extend a lease can normally be exercised after 2 years of ownership. You do not have to be in residence, so a "buy to let" flat-owner can use this provision as well as owner/occupier.

There is no need to prove "fault" in order to exercise those rights.

The longer your existing term of lease, the cheaper a lease extension or enfranchisement becomes, especially if there are over 80 years remaining.